Apex curtain fixtures : not just plain curtain rods
Top quality design, function and materials: these are the key words to describe Apex curtain fixtures created for their beauty, durability, and their capacity to enhance any décor. Apex curtain fixtures provide a touch of extra elegance because of their cutting edge technology and innovative refined range of unusual raw materials.
Apex has been a renowned name in high fashion interior design fabrics in Catania for two generations. In 2000, the company expanded to include a range of curtain fixtures aimed at updating current trends with fresh original models. Innovative raw materials, design and technology are the distinguishing features of Apex products. The owner, Vito Cappello, is the driving force behind the creative laboratory where each “idea” is tested to control the system’s functional technology. Quality curtain fixtures must not only be beautiful: they must slide to perfection without sticking or making the slightest noise.
 The success of all Apex creations lies in the harmony between design and technology, and an almost obsessive search for perfection in innovation.